Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Art: Alan Sugar In 'Toilet Fun' THE COMIX READER #3

So, I'm aware that I've been doing a lot of reviews on her and promoting other peoples' stuff, and not really posting my art from the last couple of years.

I may as well promote myself too!

This is a two page strip which was combined  to go into The Comix Reader #3.

It features Sir Alan Sugar, for those outside the UK who don't about him, he's a millionaire businessman who set up the BBC Reality TV series 'The Apprentice' (as later adopted by pinched-face combover king Donald Trump)

Literal toilet humour (mixed with satire) seems to be a speciality of mine...

 The Comix Reader #4 is a really good comic, some really great UK Underground/ Alternative artists involved, as in the other issues. You can buy them all for only £1 (or all 4 for £3.75) from the Paper Tiger website:

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