Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Art: Our Country's Leaders (Those Conniving Bleeders) THE COMIX READER 4

So this particular strip was published in The Comix Reader #4.

A satire of our current Conservative/ Liberal Democrat government here in the UK (ConDem, a very apt and bitterly ironic title). I'm still not really sure what the Liberal Democrats do - they just seem to look sad and frown a lot while the tories rape and pillage.

I could have gone on a lot more and really laid into them, but, with the confines of one page, you need to reel it in and thing about a gag pay-off (a real groaner too - I love groaners).

This was a last minute submission too, done over a two day period right on the deadline, so it was fast and loose.

The Comix Reader #4 is a really good comic, some really great UK Underground/ Alternative artists involved, as in the other issues. You can buy them all for only £1 (or all 4 for £3.75) from the Paper Tiger website:

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