Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"This Dog Barking": The Strange Story Of U.G. Krishnamurti

I've got to mention this beautiful graphic novel which is  in production right now, written by James Farley and Drawn by Nic Grey

"This Dog Barking" tells the story of U.G Krishnamurti, a man who, in his youth, searched for enlightenment, and who would later violently reject it, saying that "I would rather be called a criminal than an enlightened man".  After seeing-through the charades and hypocrisies of various teachers and gurus who he studied under, U.G. believed that enlightenment didn't exist and that thinking itself was a barrier that got in the way of the natural rhythms of the body, which he believed to be the true self.

Rejecting god and the idea of univeral love, he became a kind of 'anti-guru', critical of the conditioning created by religion and society. He was adamant that he was not a teacher and had nothing to give, yet when friends and strangers who spoke to him started to record and share his thoughts, and even write books about him (often taking what he said out of context, as some kind of teaching), U.G. ironically attracted many 'followers' and inspired many; including philosophers, psychologists and spiritual people, even though he was very clear that his words offered no comfort, meaning or road to truth. He believed it was a waste of time to try and change yourself or others. "I am just a dog barking" is the quote that inspired the title of this book.

From what I've gathered he was quite a character; at times nihilistic, opinionated and often with a short fuse when confronted with ideas he had no time for, but also with a sharp sense of humour, and a quick mind which allowed him to jump out of any box that people tried to put him in. He also had a no nonsense approach that endeared him to many.

James' writing is meticulously researched, and Nic's art meticulously drawn (click to enlarge the beautifully drawn page on the right).

The book is to be written in English and published in India at the end of the year, and will hopefully be available in the UK too (I hope so, it looks like it will be an amazing read).

For those interested in finding out more about U.G or about the book and creators, there's a "This Dog Barking" facebook group here where there are numerous videos and links to U.G.'s anti-teachings and also light hearted links to other stuff that relates to the themes that U.G talks about, with friendly and challenging discussion between members of the group. Even though, according to U.G that would be a complete waste of time ;)

To see more work from this particular book (including a downloadable PDF) click here
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