Saturday, 11 June 2011

ROM Spaceknight VS Dick Cheney

A few months ago I did the drawing below as part of a benefit fundraiser for Bill Mantlo, creator of Rom: Spaceknight, who was hit by a car and left paralyzed and who has been left with hefty medical bills.

My work was one of many which was auctioned off to raise money for Bill, and I hoped it would also make the book collection, as I was impressed by a lot of the other artwork, some of which had come from very left-of-centre ideas, which I liked.

Unfortunately, I was told that Hasbro (who now own the rights to Rom even though the character has laid dormant for nearly 3 decades) might not take kindly seeing their character attacking one of the most influential men in America. Oh well. That's what I get for doing the things I like to do!

But nevermind, doing the art was fun and I'm pleased that my art may have in some way helped towards Bill's hospital bills.

Here's a few other pieces of Rom art from the project which I liked:

By Ben Marra
By Jon Wilcox

By Pete Toms
For those who don't know, Rom (as well as being a toy brought out ny Parker Brothers in the '80's) was a character in his own comic, who travelled through space, tracking and destroying 'The Dire Wraiths'; diabolically evil creatures, hellbent on planetary domination, and who could take human form.

Whereas, Dick Cheney is a very dubious character in American politics, he has been Republican vice president twice, was head of Hallibuton, and has had more involvement in corruption, dodgy schemes and underhand skullduggery, than your nan has eaten sweet biscuits.

As for the Bilderberg group, they are a clandestine organisation that consist of the world's most powerful business people (including the rothchilds allegedly), whom people know very little about.  Because of such secrecy many wild conspiracy theories have splurged forth about them; that they are really alien lizard people, or part of some dark occult-practicing Illuminati sect. Therefore, I thought i would have fun not only taking the piss out of Mr Cheney, but the wild conspiracies that circulate about him and his ilk. I wonder whether Bill Mantlo ever got to see this, and if he did, did he find it funny? I hope so.

For anyone interested, you can see more of the Rom fundraiser art here.

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