Friday, 14 February 2014

Review: Hootiebits The Magic Owl by Ralph Kidson (For Adult Birds & Mammals Only)

This 44 page comic by the brilliant Ralphie Kidson is one of the funniest comics I've ever read, and i've finally got round to reviewing it (see my previous review of Giant Clam #3 for another great comic).

Hootiebits is a foul mouthed, no nonsense magic owl who works for god -  fun work, he admits in his introduction.  He could kill you if he wanted to ( Don't worry he's only killed 6 people in 10,000 years), he also gives magic treats to those who have been very good and who are deemed worthy enough. These usually amount to magic pellets (made up of the remains of digested pixies and fairies) which he'll puke up onto the pillow of the lucky sleeping recipient. These magic pellets grant wishes, like the guy who wanted to be invisible for example, who then proceeded to fuck his neighbour, and the next door neighbours dog. "I don't make the rules" Hootiebits informs us.

The one draw back and serious limitation of his power is that he's not allowed to leave the confines of Newick, Chailey, Barcombe and nearby areas. And so, has never been able to visit a branch of Waterstones. Bummer. Well, there is one other place he's been to, but I won't spoil the surprise.

He spends his time mostly getting shitfaced on booze before playing pranks on humans, or hanging out chatting with his friends who include Frowning Derek Nimmo Lion (from the future), the Elephant Man (who has his own sherry cart) and Scented Bin-Bag, who once saved Hootiebits life (you'll have to read it to find out how).
He also, after getting blind drunk, is shocked to wake up in the bed of an amorous celebrity (I shook with laughter at that bit I can tell you), and he also later reveals his shrine to his favourite TV presenter. With guest appearances from the wicked nazi Swastikat, Blinky the pyramid, and Stamper  Lloyd the elephant, and much more besides, it all adds up to a brilliantly surreal mix.

As usual, Ralph uses hilarious dialogue between his characters and impeccable comic timing, and the story goes off at lots of unexpected tangents that all seem perfectly plausible in hootiebit's world. There's lots of comedic gems in here you'll have to discover yourself, - I've read this comic a few times now, and it never fails to cheer me up and make me chuckle, so yeah, Hootiebits does have special powers.

You can buy Hootieboots and also Ralph's Giant Clam Comics (I've read issues #1 & #3 and they're very funny too) here:

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