Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What? You say you don't read Underground Comix anymore? WELL 'FHA Q!!!' (FHA Q #1-3 by John Orlando)

So, I was hoping to review issues #1 & 2, of John Orlando's 'FHA Q'; (a quality looking contemporary U.S Underground Comix), but it looks like the copies he sent over from the states got lost somewhere in transit.

Well, I hope SOMEONE, somewhere is having a bloody good read of them anyway!

Having seen numerous panels and teaser strips online for the book, I can honestly say that FHA-Q looks to not only keep the tradition of the U.S Underground comic alive and well, but it also reflects the tone of great satirical comics like MAD and Humbug, bringing them up to date for today's hectic and crazy world.

The warped tone of themes and characters includes all kinds of sympathetic freaks, misanthropes, weirdos, eccentric geniuses, curvaceous women, swipes at corporate greed (vs the everyman), the recession, life on the street, and scenarios that mix the modern world with slightly surreal goings on.

John has also promoted the comic by showing lots of the fake advertisments and reader testimonies that lampoon the consumerist society in which we live.

No one seems safe from being caught in the crosshairs and trapped inside the panels by Orlando's pen:

From what I've seen so far, anyone and everyone from art critics, pretentious intellectuals, the self obsessed and greedy, to those who angrily attack things they don't understand, to judgemental misanthropes and the terminally humourless.

At the time of writing this, issue #3 has just come back from the press and is available to buy along with the other two issues.

You can buy any of the three issues individually, or as part of a triple issue deal from JGM comics online:

Be warned however, as Orlando states in his own disclaimers; reading it can bring about all kinds of weird side effects, maladjustments, or warp your mind for good!...


  1. John and I used to operate in the same psychotic circles in the 80s and I can honestly state that the "sympathetic freaks, misanthropes, weirdos and eccentric geniuses" he depicts are primarily drawn from the pack of societal rejects we associated with and helped to populate. In some ways, living on the fringes of NYC creates a more twisted personality in that it is the worst of all worlds; it has all of the pressure and aggression but none of the culture and opportunity. So like Mozart it's not so much affected creativity as it is dictation.

    1. Hiya Sleeping Turtle, that's really cool to hear, sorry it's taken me a while to reply, for ages there was some glitch with blogger and I couldn't leave comments. I myself can relate this spending most of my life very much in an area which had "pressure and aggression but none of the culture". It does warp your mind a bit, and lead to twisted and gallows humour. Thanks for posting amigo!

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    1. Thanks Dave, I rarely get feedback for this blog, so that's great to hear that someone's actually enjoying it! I've just done a new review which you may like...

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