Wednesday, 9 May 2012

For Kelly Thomas...Untitled Piece by Michael Em

Artist Michael Em, made this piece after listening to the audio of the police beating and tazering Kelly Thomas, a mentally-troubled, homeless and unarmed man, to death.  As they beat him, Kelly cried out, saying he was sorry, and later screaming "help me" and screaming for his Dad.

I've seen the video myself and it's easy to see that it was an unprovoked attack. The two cops who were there initially intimidated and bullied Thomas, then brutalised him, before being joined by others who tazered and jumped on him like a gang of thugs.
And the way they all reacted afterwards was so matter of fact, like it was all just so routine.

I thought this was a superb piece of art, and very moving and fitting. RIP Kelly Thomas


  1. Heartbreaking

  2. A brilliant work of art that speaks volumes. These criminals in uniform seem to forget that disturbed people are Human and have rights. Anyone of us could end up on the streets.... I'm campaigning against taser-use and police brutality - please see: RESIST CARDIAC ARREST. Thanks and Peace.