Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Shit Ship EDL: "Star Jerks"

So here's a cartoon I've just completed for Def Homo- sapien's blog "Star Jerks" which is a sci-fi parody of the EDL (the English Defence League). For those who don't know, the EDL is a neo-nazi group who hate islam (members are made up of soccer hooligans, BNP, National Front, Combat 18, Northern Irish paramilitary terrorists, and perversely, with support from right-wing zionist/ pro-israel groups)... Unfortunately many of it's members are not very bright, and actually believe they are not racist, that they're just typical englishmen standing up for their country by getting drunk, wearing england football shirts and marching and shouting moronic hatespeak at anyone who crosses their path. For those not familiar with the UK, Stella Artois is a rather nasty lager which is nicknamed "Wife Beater". I thought it would be fun if the U.S.S EDL was powered by Inta-Stella "Wife Beater" Warp Drives.... The Muzlamic ray guns reference applies to a very funny youtube video where an EDL member is interviewed by a TV reporter which you can watch here. Def's intro to the blog parodies the original Star Trek intro: "Race! We make it a big deal! These are the demos of the shit ship EDL; Its ongoing decision, to go on a march. To violently harass innocent women and children. To boldly give it all that, before running quickly away..."

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