Sunday, 29 August 2010


If you haven't got yourself a copy of the 100 page anthology, Paper Tiger Comix #4, here's your chance! Showcasing the best underground and alternative comics from the UK and overseas along with surreal art and strange illustrations. This beautifully produced labour of love comes with a 21 track music CD of obscure and eclectic music (Cyriak, Tits Of Death, Oom, Mama Shamone, The Spookeys, Like The Animal You Are, and many more). Also featuring a rather nice tiger pin/button badge, and 5 colour art cards.

You can now buy this limited edition package on, by paypal, or if you prefer another method, by contacting me. The book can be sent to you anywhere in the world for just £3.09 plus postage/ shipping (rates on the site).

Comic and art contributers include; Lorna Miller, Richard Cowdry, Paul O Connell, Hurk, Lawrence Elwick, Jon Chadler, Daniel Locke, Dan Hanson, Al Frank, Terry Wiley, Deborah valentine, Fiona Smyth, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Erica Ilcane, Emanuele Kabu, Bunny Mazhari, Julie Klausner, Robert S Brown & Many more.

To learn more about the book, read reviews, read sample pages, listen to CD clips and learn about other books, then you can go to the newly launched site,
Or you can buy the book on Amazon.

If you want to see some sample pages, or go listen to audio clips from the CD, then Go have a look-see

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